5 Self Defence Principles that your kids need to know now!

gracie miranda brazilian jiu jitsu kids self defence

What is the primary reason that parents enrol their children in Martial Arts classes? The answer is always self defence. In Cronulla and the Sutherland Shire and also Sydney, bullying is a big problem in the school yard. Some basic children’s self defence principles can help your kids safety. And reduce the likelihood of them […]

What is the best Martial Art for my kids?

gracie miranda brazilian jiu jitsu kids

There are so many sports out there for kids in the Sutherland Shire to take part in. Parents often want the benefits that martial arts can give to their kids. For example: increased confidence, discipline and respect. But which one is the best? Karate? Tae Kwon Do (TKD)? Judo? Kung fu? Muay Thai? Aikido? Boxing? […]